Divertido Urban Jaunt
May ‘10

Pink Tie Gala


Pink Tie Gala was a huge success! For more pictures Pink Tie Gala


Imagine if everyone who faced cancer had an opportunity to experience being “fabulous”. We believe that just because life isn’t always rosy, that while sickness and cancer do ultimately exist, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t treat life as our fabulous stage of opportunity and excitement.

Welcome to an event that will do just that, a night filled with fabulously pink delights. Take your own celebrity moment by walking our own unique “pink” carpet, be inspired by women who have survived or lived through the impossible and enjoy a night celebrating life and fashion.

This event is focused to raise funds for Rethink Pink to allow every women facing breast cancer to know that there is hope, people are here to help and no matter what life brings, there are always fabulous moments.